Allen Hooreh

Relationship: Client

Project Date: May 2016

Project Description: Coffee Roasting Facility

"It was a blessing to work with Beyhan and TrockWorks Architectural.  My project really required 'outside of the box' thinking and instead of pushing me away to a commercial or industrial architect, she was eager to dive in and take on the challenge.  My facility is located in an Industrial Zone and is a coffee roasting facility with very different requirements than those found on residential properties.  Beyhan did not skip a beat.  She came to the jobsite, worked up the measurements, was an expert in all the codes and regulations and really delivered exactly what the project needed.  She is great at listening and asking questions to really discover exactly what was most important to me, and she brought her own ideas that I never would have even thought up myself.  Not only that, but what an absolute pleasure to work with!  A truly great person aside from being a phenomenal architect.  It was a blessing."

Mark Pape - Pape Properties LLC

Relationship: Client

Project Date: September 2017

My company had a very, very successful project with TrockWorks Architectural Services. After purchase of a single family home, I realized that the integrity of three of the four basement walls was more severely compromised than originally thought - posing both a current leakage problem and a potential future structural problem for the house. I hired Trockworks and a structural engineer (Norton Consulting Engineers) to (a) propose remediation solutions, (b) develop the detailed analysis and designs for the selected remedial alternative, and (c) prepare detailed plans and specifications for the basement remediation, basement finishing (incl. 2 bedrooms, bathroom, laundry, etc.) full house renovation, installation of a deck, shed and fence, and renovation of a garage. The work was iterative, detailed and demanding. Approval and permitting of these plans by PG County took several iterations. The end result of all this work was a phenomenally successful basement remediation and finishing (very dry and beautiful), a lovely house, deck and outbuildings. Beyhan Trock, the Principal Architect of TrockWorks, worked tirelessly, enthusiastically, and with excellent technical and design inputs to the project. Without her input, the project could have easily flopped, been delayed or cost far more than it did. I am very pleased with how it turned out.

As a result of this project, I plan to use TrockWorks again on both corporate and home projects. And I recommend TrockWorks for architectural and design projects of this and larger scale.”

Dave Schoenwolf

Relationship: Client

Project Date: November 2016

Project Price: more than $100,000

In November 2016 my wife and I decided we needed to renovate our patio. We wanted an updated outdoor kitchen and a roof over the patio to protect us from the elements. We hired Trockworks to do the design for us. This was our second project with Trockworks because of the great success with them on our first project. Once again Trockworks exceeded our expectations and produced a design that we fell in love with. The design was functional yet elegant. We have received many positive comments from our neighbors about how great the patio roof blends in with our existing house roof-line. In addition to the design services, Trockworks assisted us with selection of a contractor and provided consultation services during project construction. We will definitely consider Trockworks for our next project.

Relationship: Client
Project Date: January 2015
Project Price Range: more than $100,000

To sum it up Beyhan was wonderful! We gutted our home, put on an addition, and moved walls to reconfigure our home. We brought Beyhan in after our previous designer and architect were a disaster. Beyhan steered us in the right direction and was able to come up with a wonderful design for our home in a matter of weeks! She sat down with us and figured out how to work within our existing structure to rearrange rooms and have the whole design make sense. She directed us to a wonderful general contractor. I don't know what we would have done had she not rescued us from our previous designer. We have moved into our house now and love it! We have a larger master bedroom and bathroom, we have the addition of a kitchen with a vaulted ceiling that she designed, and we followed her advice and kept the fireplace, which was definitely the right call! It looks wonderful. You will be in a good hands if you work with Beyhan!

Relationship: Client
Project Date: October 2014
Project Price: $50,000-$100,000

TrockWorks' architect, Beyhan, had an immediate and clear vision for reorganizing our master bedroom/bath/closet, hallway and "sitting room" into a much more open and usable configuration. She easily envisioned how to move walls, add skylights and open ceilings. Her plan totally transformed our upstairs into a light-filled, open space. Beyhan rearranged 2/3 of the upstairs in a split level situation to enlarge the master bedroom, add a "real" master bathroom and walk-in closet while allowing for adequate lighting in a previously dark, narrow hallway. The piece de resistance is a new art studio with cathedral ceiling and skylights!! Before this transformation, we felt like we were in an upstairs dungeon with an oddly-shaped bedroom, windowless closets stuck in eaves, a tiny master bath 3 steps up from our room and a hallway only as wide as the stairway that had 6 doors off of it! Now, we can stand in the hallway and there is light from all sides of the house as well as the sky. It is a pleasure to be in each room!

Relationship: Client
Project Date: April 2013
Project Price: $1,000-$9,999

Provided architectural design, finish selection/recommendations and all other required services for an addition to our house. Behan of TrockWorks took a person interest in our satisfaction. She provided timely, professional and excellent work, all at a reasonable price. I highly recommend TrockWorks.

France Pruitt
Relationship: Client
Project Date: October 2011
Project Price: more than $100,000

Very imaginative way of creating a sunroom in the back of the house with a deck right out of the kitchen and the dining room. Was flexible when we complained that the original structure did not have enough windows . After the changes were made the sun bathes the room from about noon until sundown, just like we were hoping to have. The cathedral ceiling and the use of the external wall makes the room large and inviting. 

Relationship: Client
Project Date: March 2013
Project Price: $1,000-$9,999

TrockWorks Architectural Services are thorough professionals with a keen eye for details. Beyhan the lead Architect is a very pleasant person to work with - calm and composed under pressure and delivers top quality work. You can count on TrockWorks to help you navigate the County permitting process effortlessly - they have a zeal for details and are very knowledgeable in what is required to deliver the job.